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Hospice Caregiver Award

The work of a hospice caregiver often transcends any description of kindness, service and ministry. It takes a very special kind of compassion and dedication. A very special person.

Each month Langeland Family Funeral Homes selects an individual as a recipient of the Hospice Caregiver Award from your nominations. The person chosen as the monthly award winner receives a gift card to be used for whatever they desire. Their name is also engraved on a leaf on the Hospice Caregiver tree at the Westside location. Yearly, Langeland Family Funeral Homes holds a reception to honor the past year's award recipients. During the reception, one of these special people will be selected as “Caregiver of the Year”. The Caregiver of the Year recipient will receive a gift certificate for a very special evening and a night away.

We invite nominations from peers, friends, patients and their families, and others who feel a particular person excels in his or her profession. Through your nomination, you can provide a special honor to someone who gives so much.

Please take a moment to nominate an individual whose care has touched your heart. This person may be a hospice professional physician, nurse, chaplain, social worker, grief counselor, CNA, healthcare administrative professional or a volunteer.

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Hospice Caregiver of the Year 2020 - Shea Auge

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What a year, what a challenge! The Hospice Caregivers in our community need recognition now more than ever considering the challenges they have faced trying to support their clients and families through the death process and at the same time keeping everyone safe. The striving to find a balance between physical safety and meeting emotional needs we have had to confront throughout the pandemic is felt to the extreme in the caring for the dying and their families. To seek to not to be a spreader of a deadly virus and at the same time satisfy the desperate need for human physical contact in one of the most vulnerable times of life. These Hospice Caregivers have put themselves on the line and are providing the care that is needed.

So Langeland Family Funeral Homes Burial and Cremation Services has not faltered in recognizing these special individuals through the monthly Hospice Caregiver Awards even in 2020, presenting the awards in a way the Hospice Care Organization feels comfortable - via zoom or on the phone, in person outside, in a large spacious room always wearing masks and keeping a safe distance.  

Now it is time to gather the monthly awards September 2019 – August 2020 and select the Hospice Caregiver for 2020. A time to honor all the monthly winners and select the Hospice Caregiver of the Year normally takes place at a special banquet in October where the monthly Hospice Caregiver Award Winners have an opportunity to invite several people to enjoy an evening of food and fellowship together. It became apparent we would be unable to present the award in the usual way. So, the staff at the Langeland Memorial Chapel gathered on April 6, 2021 for a reading of the names of all the monthly winners who were eligible and then selected the Hospice Caregiver for 2020 from this group.

Shea Auge was selected as the Langeland Hospice Caregiver for 2020. Shea is a Hospice Aide for Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan. She has worked for HCSWMI for the past 2 ½ years and has been a Hospice Caregiver for seven years. Shea was nominated for a monthly award by Thomas Fenwick and Paula Striebel for the exceptional care which she gave to their mother. Shea said she finds the most gratifying part of her job is being a positive support for her clients and their families.

Shea was attracted to becoming a Hospice Caregiver because she saw how she could make a positive difference in people’s lives, and especially as they are going through a very hard time, to be able to make them feel special. Shea said she feels especially humbled by being allowed to care for people during the most vulnerable time of their life. Shea also sees each of her clients as bringing something special to her life, whether it is a new perspective on death/dying, a joke or flash of a smile while telling a story from the past. She appreciates the uniqueness of all the people she supports.

The Pandemic has certainly raised the bar on the stress and difficulties of caregiving. Shea enjoys spending time with her family who are very supportive and being outdoors with her energetic 3 year old son, Asher. Shea shares how she has been challenged and how she has grown going through the pandemic, “The uncertainty and processing new information every day. Also trying to remain calm and positive for our clients while trying to keep them safe and healthy as well as ourselves. I learned even through difficult times, if we work together, we will get through it.” 

Shea also has a message for her coworkers: “To my coworkers I just want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for all you do each and every day. It’s not easy the type of work we do, and it takes someone with a very special heart to do this job. I feel Blessed to work for such a great company and to work along side the best!”

Thank you Shea! You are a wonderful example of the heart and soul of an exceptional Hospice Caregiver.


Scarlet O'Heran was nominated for the Langeland Hospice Caregiver Award by Catherine Foster.

I am nominating Scarlet O'Heran for the Caregiver award. I have served at two hospice locations, and while I have had the privilege to meet the most outstanding people in this field, I have never met anyone with such a giving spirit and loving heart as Scarlet. She shines through the amount of care she gives to those around her; whether it is her volunteer team, her co-workers, her family or the patients in hospice, Scarlet approaches everyone in her life with a smile. I have been enriched by knowing her, and she is such an inspiration to me both personally and as a volunteer in hospice. I am on the front lines in my interactions with patients, and I sometimes wonder how we will get resources for them. Scarlet never complains, and I often find out later that it was through her efforts that people received what they needed, even though it fell outside of her duties to do so. Scarlet regularly works long hours, even once leaving a family gathering in a different state and driving for hours to make sure a patient had a friendly visit when another volunteer fell through. This kind of commitment to patient care is so rare, but Scarlet does this without resentment and with a genuine heart for the wellbeing of her patients. I am continually in awe of her and inspired by her energy and the love she pours into her job, which is clearly a calling for her. I am honored to know her, and I try to model myself after her. I can only imagine that when this award was created, it was with the sole purpose to give it to someone with her exact qualities. I humbly submit that you can do no better for a recipient, and I ask you to please bestow it upon this very deserving woman for all that she does for her community with the innumerable thanks of those whose lives she has enriched.

Catherine Foster

Pictured from Left to Right: Scarlet O'Heran, Volunteer Coordinator, Heartland Hospice; Dana Naumann, Bereavement Care Coordinator of Langeland Family Funeral Homes Burial & Cremation Services. 

We were able to honor Scarlet while social distancing.

Thank you Scarlet for all you do as an exceptional Caregiver and we especially recognize how you are going above and beyond during the current pandemic.

Scarlet received The Crystal Heart Award and a gift card to be used for whatever she would like.

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