Hospice Caregiver Award

The work of a hospice caregiver often transcends any description of kindness, service and ministry.  It takes a very special kind of compassion and dedication. A very special person.

Each month Langeland Family Funeral Homes selects an individual as a recipient of the Hospice Caregiver Award from your nominations. The person chosen as the monthly award winner receives a gift card to be used for whatever they desire. Their name is also engraved on a leaf on the Hospice Caregiver tree at the Westside location. Yearly, Langeland Family Funeral Homes holds a reception to honor the past year's award recipients. During the reception, one of these special people will be selected as “Caregiver of the Year”. The Caregiver of the Year recipient will receive a gift certificate for a very special evening and a night away.

We invite nominations from peers, friends, patients and their families, and others who feel a particular person excels in his or her profession. Through your nomination, you can provide a special honor to someone who gives so much.

Please take a moment to nominate an individual whose care has touched your heart. This person may be a hospice
professional physician, nurse, chaplain, social worker, CNA, healthcare administrative professional or a volunteer.

View past winners by year, October to September:

Jeff Bell OF Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan

Congratulations to Jeff Bell, recipient of the Langeland 2017 Hospice Caregiver Award.  Jeff works as a registered nurse for Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan, originally at Rose Arbor in Kalamazoo and now at Glenn Arbor in Battle Creek, both Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan facilities.  He was nominated originally for the monthly Hospice Caregiver Award and selected by Langelands as their December 2016 recipient. His nominator was particularly impressed by Jeff's kindness and sensitivity to their loved one and the whole family.  This made a huge impact on them.
On October 11th Langelands hosted the Hospice Caregiver Award Banquet at their Westside Chapel.  It was an evening focused on honoring the 12 monthly winners of the Caregiver Award.  The monthly award recipients were also encouraged to invite some guests to join them for the festivities.  Jeff included his parents Fran and Eleanor Bell, and his partner Brian Smith to be part of his special evening. 
Jeff was drawn to hospice work in the mid 80's though his own experience of witnessing the important role that hospice workers played in assisting those he knew who were affected by AIDS.  He later enrolled at KVCC in the nursing program and began working for Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan as a Home Health Aide.  That was 23 years ago.
Jeff shares the most gratifying part of his job. "To be able to offer support and comfort to someone at the end of life, is an honor.  Guiding families through this process, when they are in need of kindness, is gratifying."  Hospice work is very rewarding but it can also be very emotionally draining.  Jeff works to keep a healthy balance between work and home.  He says, "I strive to do my very best when at work, then focus on personal interests and pastimes at home.  Reading, bicycling, and gardening help relieve stress and mental fatigue. My family and friends are very important to me.  I would not be where I am today without them."
Jeff feels truly honored by this award. He believes the hospice profession as one to be pursued for the pay or recognition, but rather it is a calling.  He shares this award with everyone on his team at Rose Arbor and Glenn Arbor.  "We all work together, we all share the same goals.  I could not do this work alone!"

In October 2018 the Hospice Caregiver of 2018 will be announced at a special reception honoring all the award recipients of the past year.  The Caregiver of the Year will receive a gift certificate for dinner and overnight accommodations.

Do you know a special Caregiver?  Nominate them today


December 2017 Caregiver Award – Sandy Rapp – Nurse’s Aide – Southern Care Hospice

Sandy was nominated by Rachel Mol.

For the past year Sandy has faithfully, lovingly and cheerfully taken care of my resident (who passed away) twice a week.  Sandy has treated this person as one of her family members; and when she was not doing well would call or stop in unexpectedly just to see how we are doing and how our resident was doing.  Sandy is wonderful and we love her dearly.

- Rachel Mol -  Bethesda Ranch

Pictured from left to right:  Dana Naumann, Bereavement Care Coordinator, Langeland Family Funeral Homes; Sandy Rapp, Nurse's Aide, Southern Care Hospice; and Tod Langeland, Secretary and General Manager of Langeland Family Funeral Homes.

Thank you Sandy for your commitment to those you serve!

Congratulations to our December Caregiver Award recipient Sandy Rapp. Sandy received The Crystal Heart Award and a gift card to be used for whatever s/he would like.

November 2017 Caregiver Award - Roxanne James - Hospice Aide - Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan, Rose Arbor

Roxanne was nominated by Victoria Johnson

Roxanne was a day shift caregiver for my father, John Johnson, who just recently passed while at Rose Arbor in Kalamazoo.  He was there for a total of 6 weeks and Roxanne bonded with my father almost immediately.  She always talked to my dad finding a common interest to talk about.  She was always very kind to my father but honest telling him to enjoy and find something in every day he had left.  She always made sure he was well cared for and groomed (whether he wanted to be or not) which he thanked her for every time.  She went out of her way even when he wasn’t a part of her care team to come down and see him and how his day was going.  It is very evident that Roxanne has a LOT of experience and she is a true asset to the Kalamazoo Rose Arbor facility and to the patients she cares for.

- Victoria Johnson

Roxanne James, Hospice Aide – Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan - Rose Arbor (standing in the center in the blue shirt)  is surrounded by her co-workers at Rose Arbor and Shelby Baas and Dana Naumann from Langeland Family Funeral Homes.

Thank you Roxanne for your commitment to those you serve!

Congratulations to our November Caregiver Award recipient Roxanne James. Roxanne received The Crystal Heart Award and a gift card to be used for whatever s/he would like.

October 2017 Caregiver Award - Lillian Lockwood - Home Health Aide - Reverence Home Health and Hospice

Lillian Lockwood was nominated by Deb Withee (a family member she served) & Mary Smith (RN - Reverence Hospice)

Lillian started taking care of mom in March 2017. She treated my mom as if it were her own mother (Lillian had very recently cared for her own mother by providing hospice care while taking time off of her job at Reverence). Lillian stands out for her work ethic, positive attitude, teamwork mentality, and diligence. She would start her day early to make sure she could be the one to take care of mom. She always spoke positive words to mom and the family. If there was a question about anything, she would follow through by contacting the staff or nurse. She went beyond providing basic care and made sure that mom was taken care of compassionately, even to the smallest details. Lillian not only was committed to caring for mom, she loved and encouraged her. Lillian’s support and caring heart made such a difference to us, knowing mom was getting personalized wonderful care.

Lillian has been a Home Health Aide at Reverence Aide at Reverence Hospice for 20 years. She is an invaluable member of our Hospice Team exhibited by her never ending kindness and gentleness. This enables her to meet her patients and family needs. She goes beyond in meeting spiritual needs and puts patients at ease by singing hymns to them as she performs their care in the most gentle and caring ways always concerned about their dignity and comfort. Her patients and families love her kindness, patience and gentleness and her true ability to let them know she really cares for them on both a personal and spiritual level during this most difficult transition in all their lives. It is a pleasure to work with Lillian and I truly respect all the care she provides.

- Deb Withee & Mary Smith

Pictured from left to right:  Dana Naumann, Bereavement Care Coordinator, Langeland Family funeral Homes; Lillian Lockwood, Home Health Aide, Reverence Home Health and Hospice; Lisa Langeland, Treasure of  Langeland Family Funeral Homes.

Thank you Lillian for your commitment to those you serve!

Congratulations to our October Caregiver Award recipient Lillian Lockwood. Lillian received The Crystal Heart Award and a gift card to be used for whatever s/he would like.